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About Us

Portfolio Strategies was founded in 1982 by Carl Kludt. Carl had a humble philosophy, “Higher long-term returns could be achieved when investors pay as much attention to minimizing losses in declining markets as they do to maximize gains during rising markets.”

His philosophy sounded simple, but in today’s complex market movements, understanding the ups as well as the downs is essential. A seasoned investment team is not built in a day. Time is necessary to understand markets, and managing your future is our priority. Because we feel so strongly about our clients' success, Portfolio Strategies:

  •  Offers managed alternatives to buy-and-hold.
  •  Actively manages and monitors portfolios on a daily basis.
  •  Focuses on risk budgeting which gives each client portfolio its own, independent character.
Portfolio Strategies offers a diverse range of investment options including managed programs, annuities, pension plans, and 401(k) accounts.

Mission Statement

The mission of Portfolio Strategies, a specialty investment management firm driven by a higher standard of integrity, is to provide our customers with actively managed programs emphasizing preservation of capital without sacrificing returns; delivered with exceptional customer service; all for the betterment of our clients, employees, shareholders, and community.










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